Suellyn Ben-Zvi

Suellyn Friedel Ben-Zvi is a third generation Lower East Sider, with multifaceted life experiences, both in this iconic neighborhood, as well as more than 30 years in Israel, and back…

Suellyn’s education began at Beth Jacob girls’ yeshiva on East Broadway, then on to Seward Park High School (SPHS), and CCNY.  She taught English at SPHS, her alma mater and Eilat College in Israel, where she lived and raised her family.  Back in New York, matrix of the American Jewish experience, with identity fulfillment in Israel, Suellyn’s perspective on Jewish geography is unique and personal. 

Along with a wealth of information, Suellyn brings to her tours affectionate memories, anecdotes, and appreciation for her Lower East Side upbringing, which included Friday night services  sitting beside  (until bat mitzvah) her Zeydie, who was one of a multitude of turn of the century Jewish immigrants to the Lower East Side --from Bialystok!

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