Sarah Gurwitz

Sarah Gurwitz | Jewish NYC Tour Guide | LESJC

Sarah Gurwitz is a native New Yorker who grew up on Long Island and The Bronx. She worked for most of her life in Manhattan, and has always been fascinated by the Lower East Side. In her youth, it was the place to buy clothes, eat dairy, and learn about her "roots.” Through high school and college, she enjoyed returning to the Lower East Side after being away from “the city.”

Sarah chose to learn more about the Lower East Side and became a tour leader after leaving the Department of Veterans Affairs, where she served as in-house Human Resource Consultant for the Under Secretary of Health. She also founded a consulting firm that provides Human Resource services including organizational assessment, staff development, training, and individual performance coaching. Sarah serves as a volunteer for the STAR Synagogue Consultation project.

On every tour she leads, she is proud to share her interest in the culture and history of New York with visitors who want to learn more about the architectural treasures of the Lower East Side.

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