Pessie Rosen

For the past seven years, Pessie has been giving tours for the Conservancy to groups from all over the world, from second graders all the way up to seniors, in private tours as small as 2 and in groups as large as one hundred - in Hebrew and English. 

Pessie says she has learnt a lot from the stories that the participants on her tours have shared, and she really loves sharing her own personal stories of growing up on the Lower East Side.  Some people come back to  reminisce, and then we talk about what it was like in their day and I tell them about my Mother's experiences of growing up here .     "On my tours, I try to convey the struggles of the newcomers who came during the great wave of emigration starting in 1881.  I am their voice and I try my best to bring to life their hopes, struggles, and self sacrifice in a foreign land."

Pessie Rosen| LESJC
GuideLori Weissman