Paul Weissman

As the 2nd generation born on the Lower East Side, the first 13 years of Paul’s life were spent at the Vladeck Houses, moving with his family to the Seward Park Housing Co-ops when they opened in 1960.  After graduating from Queens College in 1969, he returned to The LES to teach at I.S. #56, the same junior high school that he attended.  Paul also worked at DIAL-A-TEACHER (a NYC teacher “help” hotline) as well as a one-year stint as a mentor in a Harlem middle school.  After 32 years teaching at #56, he retired and worked for Gruss Life Monument Funds, which furthers science & math education in Jewish Day Schools & Yeshivas.

At the end of the academic year 2009, Paul was happy to be retiring for good!

An excellent photographer whose work, showcases in black & white the LES of the late 70’s & early 80’s, he has exhibited at the Camera Club of New York, as well as winning a 1st place ribbon at the Brooklyn Heights outdoor art show.  Hoping to get back to more photography as well as having his murder-mystery novel, “Prediction of Death” published is what keeps his days busy.

Paul is proud that his daughter is the 3rd generation born on the LES, now one of the hottest neighborhoods in Manhattan!

As one of the original guides trained by Joyce Mendelsohn, Paul really enjoys sharing his home area, which he loves, with visitors.  He is married to Lori, the Director of Touring.

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